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Goal: A goal is awarded when the puck entirely crosses the red goal line between the goal posts. The player who shoots the puck into the net or who was the last player of the scoring team to touch the puck is credited with the goal. A goal is disallowed if the puck was thrown or otherwise intentionally directed into the net by an attacking player by any means other than his stick. The puck, however, can be deflected off a skate or the attacking player's body into the net if it was unintentional. A goal also is allowed if it is directed into the net by a defending player.

Icing: Icing occurs when a team shoots the puck from its half of the ice (behind the center red line) across the opponent's goal line without the puck passing through any part of the goal crease. Icing is not called (it is "waived off") when a team is shorthanded, when the opposition could have made a play on the puck before it went over the goal line, or when a player of the team shooting the puck touches it before an opposing player. After the puck is iced, play stops and and a face-off is held in the defensive zone of the team that committed icing.

Offside: Offside occurs when when an offensive player crosses the blue line into the attacking zone before the puck. The determining criteria for offside is the positioning of the skates. They must be entirely over the blue line ahead of the puck for a player to be called for offside. Play is stopped and a face-off is held.

Minor Penalty: (Two minutes) Called for tripping, hooking, spearing, slashing, charging, roughing, holding, elbowing or boarding.

Major Penalty: (Five minutes) Called for fighting or when minor penalties are committed with deliberate attempt to injure. Major penalties for slashing, spearing, high-sticking, elbowing, butt-ending and cross-checking carry automatic game misconducts.

Misconduct: (10 minutes) Called for various forms of unsportsmanlike behavior or when a player incurs a second major penalty in a game. This is a penalty against an individual and not a team, so a substitute is permitted.

Penalty Shot: A free shot, unopposed except for the goalie, given to a player who is illegally impeded from behind when he has possession of the puck with no opponent between him and the goal except the goalie. The team which commits the offense is not penalized beyond the penalty shot, whether it succeeds or not.

Delayed Penalty: Whistle is delayed until the penalized team regains possession of the puck.